“Can I ask you ONE quick question?”

Questions that are Often Asked

Frequently, when people find out about my comic strip endeavors, they have questions. The goal of this section is to answer some of those questions. If you don’t see your question(s) listed below and are still left puzzled about some things, please feel free to post them to the Livestock Productions Wall on Facebook …or forever be clueless!


Who ARE you?

Well, aren’t we straight forward?! My name is Phil and (among other things) I like to draw! I’ve always enjoyed sharing my work with others and I tend to get very excited about the projects I work on, so this lil’ corner of the web belongs to me and my doodles under the umbrella of “Livestock Productions.”

Why “LIVESTOCK” Productions?

“Livestock” was my very first long-running comic strip and for years it was the majority of what I would draw. It is because of those characters that I am the cartoonist I am today and for that reason, has earned its rightful place as the name of my art company.

Can I read your works for free?

Sure you can! I enjoy sharing my ‘toons with the world, but I do hope that if you like what you see, you’ll consider spending a few bucks on a hard copy for several reasons. I won’t get into all those reasons here.

Awww, come on! Can’t you tell me ONE of those reasons?

Very well…I’m a really big fan of physically printed books. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital media, but I grew up with comic books and newspapers in my hands and as long as I can afford to, I’ll continue making my work available that way too. (That was sort of 2 reasons if you really think about it).

So yeah, buy stuff and help me afford to keep on printing it!

Where duz I buy ‘dis?

The best place to get comic books, T-shirts and the like is on this website! Just click on the “BUY STUFF!” button at the top and you’ll be able to use a credit card through Google Checkout. Throughout the year, I make appearances at various conventions (mostly comic book in nature) where I sit at a booth for 8 hours on end with little to no breaks, all so YOU can get stuff signed in person. …see how much I give and give?

Occasionally, I’ll hold special release parties for new books. For information on those events just frequent this website and/or the corresponding Facebook pages for Livestock Productions and Retail Sunshine.

However, if you see me in person on the street, and I happen to have
some merch on me, that works too.

What inspires you?

If I had to generalize it, I would say motivation. Motivation in people to do and say the things they do and the same goes for animals. Aside from that, mystery and wonder have always captured my attention pretty nicely, too.

After “Animal Apathy” was printed, where did the “Livestock” go?

Shhhh…they’re hibernating.
You seem lazy…when is it exactly that you post new comics?

Well, aren’t we demanding (and to be honest, a little rude)?!  I’ve been putting up new editions of “Retail Sunshine” every other Friday and at some point, I wanted to make it EVERY Friday but I am presently working hard on my first graphic novel called “Not Quite Extinct” so the updates for “Retail Sunshine” are going to be slowing down to a crawl.  Maybe one day I can go back to frequent updates once that project is published.


OK, so…when is “Not Quite Extinct” coming out?
When I finish it!
Can I subscribe?

The best way to do this (besides making my website your homepage) would be to become a fan HERE. This will also ensure you receive updates about other fun projects and personal appearances.

I want you to be super famous for your cartoon work…
how can I make this happen?

Aw shucks, thanks! I find that word of mouth is a great way to tell people about anything. May I suggest buying them a comic book as a gift or you could send them a link to this website or the fan page on Facebook where they can click “LIKE”.

Webcomics are great and all, but are you actually published?

YES! …I suppose you’d like to know where, too, huh? “Retail Sunshine” has been printed in the Toledo Free Press newspaper, in Best Buy’s corporate magazine The Link and Creative Humans Magazine along with “Livestock”. “Livestock” has also been printed in The BG News and The Solon Herald Sun newspapers.  Presently, my comics are only in print via the books sold on this website.

Speaking of web comics, which ones do you read?

Most of the comics I read are syndicated comic strips, among which include The Far Side by Gary Larson, Opus by Berkeley Breathed, Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis and Mother Goose & Grimm by Mike Peters. I also read Desmond’s Comic by Joe Foo and Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North regularly.

When will we see YOU as a character, or have we already?

This is kind of a complicated question, or rather, it has a complicated answer. Here’s the short version: I don’t tend to draw myself per se into my comics, nor do I plan to make it a regular event.  Recently, however, a character bearing a striking resemblance to me showed up in the 97th and 100th episodes of “Retail Sunshine.”  That being said, the spikey-haired, puppet-wielding Blue Shirt in “Retail Sunshine” is someone that I would consider inspired by me. In “Livestock”, all of the characters sort of imbue an aspect of my personality, but I always felt the “Farmer” character the animals refer to was/is me. For a longer answer, ask me in person (and have some time to kill).

Will you draw ME in the style of “Retail Sunshine”?

Sure! That would be considered a “custom drawing” which you can order from the “BUY STUFF!” button above. Other prints include nearly any comic strip I’ve made and specialty items like the 10 Years of “Livestock” image. Prints of existing comics are a mere $10 but custom drawings are $30.

Will you be my friend?

Sure! Unless you’re like, some kind of creepy stalker person. In which case, I give you permission to admire me from afar. No…step back a bit more, you’re still too close.

Do you like this dress?

Yes. Yes I do…though I question if you’re really the dress type. Most men aren’t.
I have more questions…can you answer them ALL?

I figured you might. Feel free to e-mail me at livestockproductions_at_gmail.com
The answers may not always be correct, but they’ll still be answers.