The roles of Customer Service and Sales, also known as Blue Shirts, are the heart and soul of The Store. Treat them well, and they won’t make fun of you behind your back…no promises, though.

The members of Loss Prevention, Yellow Shirts, are the eyes and ears of The Store. If you know what’s good for you, take that DVD box set of “America’s Most Amazing Surgeries Gone Wrong 5” out of your trench coat.

White Shirt/Black Ties are Know-It-Alls that fix complicated computer issues…and find out why your toaster won’t connect to your mp3 player.

Every company has an employee who takes their job a little too seriously. Black Shirts know this all too well. They have the elite job coding of “S.M.A.C.” (or, Stuff Management and Counting) in which they are in charge of inventory and product counts for The Store.

Good Stores needs good leaders…but until they show up, Clipboards will do. These higher paid Blue Shirts can be found monitoring the entire Store staff and are always with a clipboard on hand with the current sales figures.