The Reviews are IN!

Orientation has only been out for a little over 2 months but already is getting some really phenomenal press! Here’s what people are saying about the newest entry in the Retail Sunshine series:   An hysterically funny take on something … Read More

The Return of Silver Lining

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Shortly after arriving in Austin 3 1/2 years ago I sold through my first Retail Sunshine compilation and switched printing companies. Because of this, there were people that came to know my silly stick figures only through the stories ‘Twas the … Read More

Orientation Book Tour

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Well, this is it!  After nearly 2 years in production, Orientation is finally arriving! The books look absolutely fantastic!  The colors are vibrant, the bold images jump off the page…this is such a fun way to experience the silly antics … Read More

New Year, New Book!

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Welcome to 2016! I’ve been working all throughout 2015 on my next comic publication and now I am ready to unveil the front cover for “Orientation” : a brand new “Retail Sunshine” story! This is an idea I had back … Read More


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It is my pleasure to announce that “‘Twas the Day After Turkey” is finally here! I have also added a new type of print to my webstore:  METAL!  That’s right, these high-quality prints are made with a high resolution transfer … Read More

New Mighty Wallet!

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  With the re-release of “‘Twas the Day After Turkey” getting closer every day, I partnered with Dynomighty once again to bring the characters from “Retail Sunshine” into your pocket! The cover of the book adapts perfectly to the outside … Read More

The “Turkey” Returns!

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5 Years ago I published my very first “Retail Sunshine” book called “‘Twas the Day After Turkey” about working retail on Black Friday. The idea stemmed from wanting to make an episode of my comic strip that would stand out … Read More