One Story that has a “Silver Lining”…

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"Silver Lining"If you’ve visited my website over the past few months, you may have noticed a lack of updates (comics OR blog posts). This is largely due to the fact that I’ve been putting my every moment into something very near and dear to me: my latest book.

I’m not referring to a small mini-comic book, like the type I make about once a year, but rather a publication that deserves it’s own barcode. A book that demands to be printed with a hard cover for posterity. Allow me to introduce to you, “Silver Lining: A ‘Retail Sunshine’ Collection” and it is here that I will shed some light onto this work that has been 4 1/2-years in the making.

In 2008 I was very much in an artistic limbo. My first comic strip “Livestock” had just been compiled into a book entitled “Animal Apathy”…a book that was comprised of over a decade of material. This may sound like a lot but sadly “Livestock” was almost always a ‘back-burner’ project for me. In fact, the comic took a back seat so many times that I only had 101 episodes to speak of after all those years. This was partially due to the amount of time a “Livestock” comic would take since my style had taken on a more rendered look.

That being said, “Animal Apathy” looks incredibly varied in style from beginning to end. This was something I wanted to avoid with future publications, if possible, and so I decided I would ask the “Livestock” to take a good, long nap while I stretched my creative legs a bit.

If I was going to meet deadlines quicker and not lose interest in my own story-lines I would need to create a comic that could be made in a matter of hours rather than days. Drawing inspiration from my retail experience and choosing to go with a style quite opposite to my previous works, “Retail Sunshine” was born!

A "Retail Sunshine" Poem
Technically, this holiday poem is the 1st published “RS” book
4 1/2 years later, here we are…not quite 101 comics in, but extremely close and with an illustrated poem-book (seen LEFT). What will you find inside “Silver Lining”?
The first 81 episodes and a 20-page miscellaneous art section called ‘The Warehouse’ where I will feature a variety of fun images that make up the “Retail Sunshine” universe.

Halloween 2012 is the official release date (keeping in time with the release of “Animal Apathy” 5 years ago) for this first comprehensive compilation. With exactly 2 weeks until the book’s launch, I am counting down in style!

Those who pre-order will receive a signed and numbered print from the original artist proof copy (limited to the first 53). Also, this Friday (10/19/12) I will be a guest on the Toledo, Ohio radio program “Eye on Your Weekend” to promote the book.

There will be more interviews and even a special event or two in the weeks to follow (both before and after the book is released) so stay tuned here and on the Facebook page.

This truly is a milestone event for both me and Livestock Productions and I thank you for joining me through the adventure!

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