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Creating dinosaurs while among them
Creating dinosaurs while among them

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by a very talented writer named Rebecca Knight on her website “Inspiration and Originality Underlined: A Blog Celebrating Creativity” or “IOUart” for short. Rebecca has a wonderful way of showcasing the arts in a very thorough and insightful way and it was a joy to work with her for this interview.

Click HERE to read as we discuss “Not Quite Extinct”, the process of creating a graphic novel and of course, DINOSAURS!

I think you’ll enjoy it!!

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  1. Rebecca Knight
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    Thanks for sharing and I greatly enjoyed interviewing you, Phil. I hope your fans will have fun reading it and learning more about your upcoming works. “Sneak-Peeks” are the best kind of articles!

    • Phil M.
      | Reply

      “Sneak-Peeks” ARE wonderful, aren’t they? Thanks for doing such a fantastic job, Rebecca! Keep up the great work over at IOU!

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