One Week ‘Til RAW!

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In just ONE WEEK the “Shirts” and I will be at The Aztec in San Antonio, TX for RAW | FIXATE!  This will mark my second outing with RAW Artists Group after last year’s Austin, TX show.   Fashion, music, … Read More

Next Stop: STAPLE!

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I’m so excited to once again embark on the annual tradition of attending STAPLE! here in Austin, TX!  This show has truly become something I look forward to and I’m happy to say it finally has outgrown the former location … Read More

New DRAWING Section gets launched!

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For those of you who know me personally, you’ll recall that I have taught drawing to children on and off over the years.  This has been something I am passionate about in that education for the arts has meant a … Read More

Puppet Day is Coming!

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May 15th, 2008 was the date of the very first Retail Sunshine comic strip to feature the hand puppets and their goofy Blue Shirt operator. To celebrate this anniversary, there are new puppet-themed products available! Check out this fun new lapel … Read More


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Saturday, May 20th I will be participating in an art show here in Austin, TX at Oskar Blues Brewery! This is a gallery-style show with multiple artists involved but, unlike a comic book convention, is a little more fancy (think business … Read More

Art Classes

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          I am proud to announce that I am officially an instructor with the Grumbacher art company! This means I’ll be teaching various art classes (mostly centered around drawing) through Michaels Arts Stores. My first two … Read More

Next Stop: DALLAS!

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  It’s been years since I’ve attended a larger convention (those of you who have followed me around Austin know this first-hand) so it brings me great pleasure to announce that you can find me THIS WEEKEND in Dallas, TX … Read More

The Reviews are IN!

Orientation has only been out for a little over 2 months but already is getting some really phenomenal press! Here’s what people are saying about the newest entry in the Retail Sunshine series:   An hysterically funny take on something … Read More

The Return of Silver Lining

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Shortly after arriving in Austin 3 1/2 years ago I sold through my first Retail Sunshine compilation and switched printing companies. Because of this, there were people that came to know my silly stick figures only through the stories ‘Twas the … Read More

Orientation Book Tour

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Well, this is it!  After nearly 2 years in production, Orientation is finally arriving! The books look absolutely fantastic!  The colors are vibrant, the bold images jump off the page…this is such a fun way to experience the silly antics … Read More

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