Witchbee Has Arrived!

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  It’s no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I’ve even created various characters to celebrate that time of year…   Meet Witchbee!  She’s a fun-loving bumblebee who also happens to be witch and you can expect to see … Read More

New Mighty Wallet!

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  With the re-release of “‘Twas the Day After Turkey” getting closer every day, I partnered with Dynomighty once again to bring the characters from “Retail Sunshine” into your pocket! The cover of the book adapts perfectly to the outside … Read More

AGP Interview!

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  I had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour with my friend Amanda Gilliam on her awesome podcast “Amanda Gilliam Presents” (or AGP) last night!  Amanda puts on a fantastic show and really knows how to make her guests … Read More

The “Turkey” Returns!

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5 Years ago I published my very first “Retail Sunshine” book called “‘Twas the Day After Turkey” about working retail on Black Friday. The idea stemmed from wanting to make an episode of my comic strip that would stand out … Read More

LIVE and Uncut!

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Last night I grabbed the microphone by the stand and got on stage for my first attempt at stand-up comedy. This was by no means my first time on a stage, but it has been years since any musical theater … Read More

Episode #2!!

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The wait is over! This latest episode features all new shorts and the conclusion to the Peter Meadowdale story “The Malted Eagle”, all wrapped up into a neat little package for your listening pleasure!  Check it out here:  http://youtu.be/QWtZmPp96iA -Phil

New Look!

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WELCOME to the ALL-NEW Livestock Productions Home Page! I’ve been hard at work designing this website so I could finally have a single home for all of my projects!  I’m so excited to bring you this stream-lined look and feel. Take … Read More

IOUart Interview

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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by a very talented writer named Rebecca Knight on her website “Inspiration and Originality Underlined: A Blog Celebrating Creativity” or “IOUart” for short. Rebecca has a wonderful way of showcasing the … Read More

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