Episode #2!!

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The wait is over! This latest episode features all new shorts and the conclusion to the Peter Meadowdale story “The Malted Eagle”, all wrapped up into a neat little package for your listening pleasure!  Check it out here:  http://youtu.be/QWtZmPp96iA -Phil

New Look!

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WELCOME to the ALL-NEW Livestock Productions Home Page! I’ve been hard at work designing this website so I could finally have a single home for all of my projects!  I’m so excited to bring you this stream-lined look and feel. Take … Read More

IOUart Interview

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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by a very talented writer named Rebecca Knight on her website “Inspiration and Originality Underlined: A Blog Celebrating Creativity” or “IOUart” for short. Rebecca has a wonderful way of showcasing the … Read More

Knowing your Audience

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“Know your audience.” People have advised me of this for years now in relation to the creative work that I do. Why do people tell me to KNOW my audience? They know that if I don’t make something people find … Read More

Playing catch up…

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Well, it’s been a spell since I updated this blog o’ mine! I know there are some of you who are new to my site so WELCOME! Last weekend I had a great experience at a show here in Austin … Read More

Another rung in the ladder…

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PAGES COMPLETED: 14 Well, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just “completed” my 14th page! (again, the quotes are because these pages tend to change over time…’completed’ is used loosly) This is a big deal for me particularly because when … Read More

January Check-In

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PROGRESS REPORT: Since it’s the new year and all, I felt it appropriate to check-in with a status update on how “Not Quite Extinct” is coming along. I have a fairly solid 12 pages “completed” (the quotes are because these … Read More

Prehistoric Influences (Part 6)

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Welcome to my first blog post of 2014…I’m so glad you could make it! When last I left off in 2013, I was telling you all about the various influences from TV and film involving dinosaurs from my childhood. These … Read More

Prehistoric Influences (Part 5)

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Back in “the day” (which for ME refers to the late ’80s & early ’90s) I would watch a lot of TV. But something else I watched were videos made for kids that went straight to VHS (look it up, … Read More

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